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About Us

For many of us candle lovers, there are few greater pleasures than being able to relax and enjoy the sensual experience candles have to offer.

With that being said, I’ve always found it difficult to find candles that incorporate creativity, great smells and natural ingredients for an affordable price.
So as they say, “If you want something done right… do it yourself!”. As a creative, I’ve always aspired to make my own artisanal candles for my loved ones yet never quite found the time. Withthe initial stress and spare-time lockdown has given us, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to get started. I made my first candle for my mum and it wasn’t long until the rest of my family were wanting one too. After a few months of testing different natural ingredients, styles and smells; I created my instagram page and decided to turn my passion into a business. 

My goal is to create a line of aesthetically pleasing candles that not only are a perfect gift idea for one’s friends and family, but candles that would bring joy to both women and men alike.


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